Stephen Christoff

Stephen Christoff has been performing at Colonial Williamsburg for Twenty years.  Stephen performed for the Jamestown 2007 “Godspeed Sail and Landing Party Festival” Tour.  From 2006 to the present, he has performed his one-man show called “Seller of Songs” at the Hennage Theater in Colonial Williamsburg.  In 2007, he was part of a collaborative performance […]

Spiced Punch

What is SPICED PUNCH? Imagine a Dickens’ era quartet with traditional tunes, tales and toasts bringing a taste of old fashioned Yuletide to your event or site. How about a Colonial Era group singing songs of love and lust or four merry seamen (seapersons?) entertaining you with work songs, bar songs or laments. David Emerson, […]

Slim Harrison

SLIM HARRISON – SUNNYLAND MUSIC & MULTICULTURAL ARTS: For over 40 years, Slim has performed at Schools and Festivals, Hoedowns & Throwdowns all over North America and around the world. Slim has had the privilege of performing with Pete Seeger, Bud & Ola Belle Reed, John Jackson, Patsy Montana, Blind Rev. Pearly Brown, Ella Jenkins, Jean […]

Rock Candy Cloggers

Traditional flatfoot clogging is an Appalachian Mountain style of percussive dance. Rock Howland, of Mt. Airy (Carroll County), began his clogging career at the age of 50 when he fell in love with the old-time dance style with his first lesson in 1986. He practiced and traveled extensively with his newly found talent. Rock, together […]