Ben Franklin

Brian Patrick Mulligan is “DR. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN”

Brian Patrick Mulligan, a Franklin Historian and seasoned Television Actor, is celebrating his 26th year performing as “Dr. Benjamin Franklin”.

You’ve seen Mr. Mulligan portraying Ben Franklin on NBC’s “The Jay Leno Show”, ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, Disney’s “Kickin’ It”, Comedy Central’s “Workaholics”, the Game Show Network’s “GSN Live”, The Military Channel’s “America: Facts VS. Fiction”, and numerous others!

You may have also viewed Mr. Mulligan starring as “Ben” in national Commercials for “Doritos”, “Value City Furniture”, “Comcast Cable”, “Gamefly”, “American Signature Furniture”, “Quicken Loans”, and more!

He’s performed nationwide as everyone’s favorite Founding Father in 38 of our 50 States for such Fortune 500 companies as Chevrolet, The Franklin Mint, Sovereign Bank, The History Channel, General Electric, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Merck Sharpe & Dome, and hundreds more.