Spiced Punch

What is SPICED PUNCH? Imagine a Dickens’ era quartet with traditional tunes, tales and toasts bringing a taste of old fashioned Yuletide to your event or site. How about a Colonial Era group singing songs of love and lust or four merry seamen (seapersons?) entertaining you with work songs, bar songs or laments. David Emerson, Stacy F. Roth, Marianne & Tom Tucker combine years of musical, theatrical and historical experience to present some of the finest interpretations of historic mirth you’ll ever encounter. Accompanied by strings, recorders, tin whistle and concertina, SPICED PUNCH will charm most any audience. SPICED PUNCH is at home on-stage, or can stroll for your event.

Spiced Punch also offers a Colonial Music and a Sea Song repertoire. Spiced Punch performs in costumes appropriate to the repertoire. Stacy and Dave also perform as History on the Hoof.