Artisan Booths


  • All work must be original and that of the exhibitor. Manufactured kits or “buy and sell crafts” are prohibited. Merchants will be asked to remove prohibited items.
  • Weapons (toy or otherwise) such as, but not limited to, pop guns, rubber band guns, swords, bows and arrows are prohibited from sale at the Festival. There will be no exceptions. Merchants will be asked to remove prohibited items.
  • Retail shops and industries will not be permitted.
  • Demonstrating your craft is preferred.
  • Specific guidelines are established by the Chestertown Tea Party Festival, Inc. The Artisans Committee follows the directives of the Board of Directors of the Corporation.  All applications to the Artisans Committee are “Juried as a Craft” on the basis of suitability, and we reserve the right to reject any vendor application.  The decision of the Artisans Committee is final.

Please download a copy of the Tea Party Festival Rules and Regulations:

2022 Tea Party Festival Rules and Regulations (Updated 2022-01-04).docx

Due to overwhelming interest, all booth spaces have been filled. We appreciate your support!