Mailing address:
Chestertown Tea Party Festival, P.O. Box 526, Chestertown, Maryland 21620

Executive Committee:
Sabine Harvey –  President
Lamonte Cooke –  Vice President
Susan McRae – Treasurer
Stephen Lozar – Secretary

Organizing Committee:
Bonnie Clark
Butch Clark – Operations
John Dolgos – Operations
Lena Ellwanger – Press
Joe Holt – Artisans
Linda Kuiper – Artisans
Kate Livie – Walking Tours, Raft Race
Mary Simmons – Parade
Hope Thomas – Food Vendors
Steve Atkinson – Social Media Marketing, Photography
Aundra Anderson – Street Party
Andy Goddard – Programming
Juanita Weiczoreck – Programming, Colonial Village
Patsy Whiteley – Information Booth
Jane Nevins – Costumes

Please use email to reach the festival committee for any specific questions.

General Information:
Street Party:
Food Concession: (Local Non-Profits Only)
Distance Run:
Walking Tours:




What we do:

Throughout the year, the festival organizers meet a variety of challenges. Some are particular to the Tea Party and many are shared by all non-profit organizations. Among those shared challenges is the need to provide financial stability while accomplishing the group’s mission. Over the years, through good times and bad, the organization has maintained an average of just enough money to seed the following year’s event. We are happy, therefore, when fellow non-profit organizations also benefit from the festival because we have firsthand understanding of the concern for fundraising. About twenty groups make money by selling food to festival-goers. Together, these groups annually make more than $75,000 in funds that are transformed into community services. Consequently, we take pride from the fact that we indirectly contribute to the quality of life we experience in this wonderful place.

Facilitating fundraising, however, is only one facet of the festival. Our mission is to provide a greater understanding of the area’s history, which strengthens our local sense of identity and offers a meaningful perspective on our unique past. Throughout the years, thousands of schoolchildren have been inspired to investigate the nation’s roots because of the reenactment of the Chestertown Tea Party. Our job is heritage education. We understand that with an ongoing infusion of energy and creativity, there is vast potential. We are excited by the possibilities and welcome your help as well as insight.

Producing the festival requires a sacrifice from many, whether money, time, or convenience. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who have given throughout the years and who continue to offer their support in innumerable ways.