Excerpted from the by-laws.

The purpose for which the Chestertown Tea Party Festival is organized and shall be operated are exclusively charitable and educational.  For the general purposes aforesaid, and limited to those purposes, the objects to be carried on by it are as follows:

  1. To promote re-enactment of the historic event leading up to the revolution when in May 1774 enraged citizens of Chestertown boarded a ship and dumped tea overboard in protest against the British Tax on Tea.
  2. To promote, conduct and encourage such other festivals, tours and displays as may be advisable to foster awareness of the historic heritage of Chestertown, Maryland among its population and among people in general.
  3. To cultivate and to encourage interest in the preservation of buildings, sites and structures of historical significance or aesthetic significance, such purposes being solely eleemosynary and not for profit.